Our Story

It all started few years ago with the smell of freshly brewed coffee from an Italian stove percolator in our small apartment in West End Vancouver. We simply loved the ritual of brewing the best cup and tasting the results. But pretty quick we outgrew the percolator and developed an appetite for some serious espresso made by somewhat serious machine. So we splurged on a prosumer Nuova Simonelli Oscar that took a large chunk of our precious kitchen counter space. Since we couldn't feed this sophisticated piece of equipment some ordinary coffee our quest for the freshest and best tasting coffee beans began.

Fast forward two years and we found ourselves operating a fully blown espresso truck equipped with all commercial equipment and serving coffee at farmers markets, festivals and movie studios. As much as we loved the truck, due to the growing family, we had to say good bye to it and hand the keys over to the new operator.

But we were not ready to say "good bye" to our passion of making the best espresso possible and this is how the event indoor espresso catering was born. I think we will be doing it as long as we have passion for it. If NO was our answer to "Would you do it for free?" then it would be time to pack up but for now we'll here to make you smile as you take that first sip.